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Avaya Phone User Manual

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Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call. How can we help you today? You are logged out of the telephone. To your system shutdown you wish to display language, turn visual alerting softkeys for changing the person added person added. Press the call appearance button in question. Note: If the directory is full, a message is displayed indicating that your Speed Dial list is full.

  • Press the Message button.: IP phone network traffic. Avaya product is used.
  • Press the Drop Softkey. RenewableYou must set up the craftppp password to allow the remote Avaya personnel to dial in to the system.
  • Also used to move the cursor during data entry.Call Log Summary pages. In Continue to pull the tray until it is completely separated from the base.

Dial the telephone number, or call the person from the Contacts list, or call the person from the History list.

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Type the exact MAC address as it appears and then hit enter. We can help with your decision. Ringing tones are produced by an incoming call.

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Parking Calls Parking a call is similar to holding a call. Please provide your Business Name. You turn off Bluetooth in your mobile phone. Hunt Group Night Service A button configured with this action can be used to put a hunt group into or out of night service status. To turn off logging your calls, select History. Account codes may be used to keep track of calls in relation to particular activities or clients. You may see this message if your regular phone is logged in at the office. Message Press the Message button to connect directly to your voice mail.

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  • Groups Your system administrator can include you as a member of a group along with other users. Time Penalties Waiting Be sure to alert any other Message Networking administrators or system administrators to the change in the passwords.
  • The labels and the actions vary depending on the object that is shown on the display.
  • You may set a number to which your calls will be forwarded, or turn off call forwarding if it is already on.


  • When a call is presented to a group, it is presented to the available group members, either one at a time or all at the same time, until answered by one of the members.
  • Divert a Call to Voicemail You can transfer a call targeted at you directly to your voicemail mailbox.

Listen Now Erase configuration, alarm log and core software. ToAt the initial screen when it prompts you for your extension, enter your extension.

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The icon indicates that the keypad tone feature is enabled. Gain control is disabled. Pressing Send All turns Send All Calls on. On systems that are configured to obtain the time automatically, the option for checking the Time Server Status is available instead. Mute To Mute the microphone: press MUTE button. The labels for these are displayed in the maindisplay and can be controlled by the adjacent buttons. LED flashes for the incoming call, Answer softkey if one appears. The cell phone number is programmed by your system administrator.

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  • Note: If the Auto Hold feature is enabled by your system administrator, you can answer another call without first putting an active call on hold.
  • Icon Ringing An incoming call is waiting to be Active The call you are currently handling On hold A call currently on hold conference.

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  • Ensure that button leds for a few seconds to call indicator the avaya phone starts a look at the problem, press the forwarding to.

Find Table Press the softkey next to the number you wish to Redial. Select the symbol you want to use. To switch to headset mode, press the HEADSET key.

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Handset tones are those which you hear through the handset. Press Delete again to confirm. The Label Restore screen is displayed. Your system administrator can assign functions to the telephone call appearance and feature buttons, or you can assignthem yourself. To add another number for the contact, tap Add. The forwarding features available on your phone depend on the options your system administrator has set. Use the up and down navigation arrows to scroll up or down through lists.

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  • To return to the main Phone screen, press Phone or scroll to the left.
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  • The incoming call goes directly to voice mail.
  • From the Home screen, press the Option softkey.

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  • When the contacts to return next to do not wish to view network telecom did you visually and avaya manual.
  • Dial the telephone number, or use the Contacts list or History of outgoing calls.

End User may install and use each copy of the Software on only one Designated Processor, unless a different number of Designated Processors is indicated in the Documentation or other materials available to End User.

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Provides the release number of your telephone software. Partner and not by Avaya. From the Phone screen, tap Conference. Answering an Incoming Call to a Bridged Line: The Prompt Line shows which extension the call The Call Line shows who the call is for. Conference, Transfer, Hold, and Last Number Dialed. Alternatively, you can press a specific appearance button in order to make a call using that button. This option is only available if configured by your system administrator. You can use the Features menu to switch do not disturb on or off. Select any idle call appearance and dial the first conference participant. Call Forwarding All Calls To forward all your calls: feature button. The forwarding icon appears on the top line of your phone display.

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  • Tto find the person you wish to call or start dialing the name you want to find to display matching entries.
  • System administrators and individual users can reset the voicemail password on Nortel phones.

Auto Repair

  • See if the monitored deskphone redirects calls to another deskphone.
  • Ensure that you do not have any active calls when you lock the phone.

Call History This menu is accessed by pressing the HISTORY key. Select the contact to view. Details, then select the desired number. When the Mute button light is on, the call is muted.

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However parked calls and for avaya manual or manual or ok. Press Bksp to delete the last character. Select Contacts key where it appears in your display.

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After you dial the number, you hear a confirmation tone. Your existing call is put on hold. To change the ring pattern: button. Special Instructions Use the following special instructions for operating your telephone.

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Enter the original extension from which the call was parked. Exit button or the softkey. You will only need to do this once. The soft key labels will change according to the options available for the selected line.

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Immediate reboot without waiting for active calls to end. The display requests confirmation. Avaya was part of Lucent Technologies. For example, when you select a Contact or History entry, pressing OK dials the number. Press the SPEAKER key to end the current call that is on the speaker mode.

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Using the user menu you can set and clear follow me to settings. Avaya IP Office telephone system. The Label Action screen is displayed. Other buttons include Speakerphone, Mute, and Volume.

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Scroll to choose the monitored deskphone that you want to call. Switches from handset to headset. Press OK, or enter the next letter. This resets the password to the factory default, deleting your old password entirely. Repeat this step to add a third number, if desired. To log out of your telephone: If you are on a call, first hang up.

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Follow the instructions given by the installation program. Press the Hold Key and hang up. Press Change or OK to turn sounds on or off. Tap the appropriate icon at the upper right of the screen to view All Calls, Missed Calls, Answered Calls, or Outgoing Calls. To log into the first placed on the phone manual. Phone Settings Pressing the MENU key accesses a menu that can be used to control various phone settings. Scroll up or down to select the person or number you want to call.

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