My Favorite Mobile Lightroom Presets (AND a discount code!)

Mobile Lightroom Presets are the hottest thing right now. They’re one click magic to create a cohesive feed!! There’s a million out there it seems! Some are expensive, some are cheap, but most have one thing in common: they do not work for a variety of photos. I have tried (and wasted a lot of money) on what seems like an endless amount of presets. The preview photos are always so great but they never worked well with both my home interior photos AND my outfit photos. If a preset is high quality, you should only have to adjust 2-3 settings, if any!

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My Absolute Favorite Mobile Lightroom Preset

Here comes Dani Austin Presets to the rescue! These mobile presets work for both my outfit photos AND home decor! Such a freaking blessing. I was struggling so much with creating a cohesive feed between home & outfit photos, no worries now! All I have to do is adjust the exposure, white balance, or orange saturation/luminance for skin tone! I don’t have to adjust every time though, most of the time these presets for me are literally ONE. CLICK. MAGIC. I love these presets so much that I’ve even partnered with Dani to bring y’all a discount! You can use code BRITT20 for 20% off! You can head here to buy them!


Before & Afters

Click here to buy your mobile presets with discount code BRITT20


What comes with the Mobile Preset purchase?

Dani’s presets are a little different than others, of course, because she’s amazing. When you purchase the preset pack (at a discount — BRITT20 for 20% off!) you get 3 presets — Creamy, Neutral, & Poppy! I will show photos using each one & explain the difference down below. You also get a bonus with this preset pack! Dani put together “The Ultimate Guide to Taking iPhone Photos” to give back to each person who buys her presets! Isn’t she amazing!?

Click here to buy your presets for 20% off!

Creamy Preset

I use this preset the most, outfit photos & indoor photos alike. It’s bright and creamy and so perfect whether the photo is colorful or full of neutrals!


Neutral Preset

This preset is, as the title alludes, neutral! This one is best when you want to play with specific color saturation or luminance!


Poppy Preset

I probably use this preset the least but it’s still very useful to have! It’s bright, especially the blues, and so perfect for beach photos!



Click here to buy your mobile presets with discount code BRITT20

Discount Code: BRITT20 for 20% off!

I seriously love these presets and I know you will too! Head to Dani’s website to buy the Dani Austin Preset Pack & use my discount code BRITT20 for a 20% discount!

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions & if you buy these and are happy with them! XOXO


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Click here to buy your mobile presets with discount code BRITT20

Click here to buy your mobile presets with discount code BRITT20

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