REVEAL: Decor Steals Surprise Box 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of year!! You know it only comes once… Decor Steals surprise box release! I have purchased one each year for the last few years and they are always filled with INCREDIBLE pieces and value, but this year those angels over at Decor Steals totally out did themselves! I purchased the surprise box for $99.99 and if I were to have purchased these separately, I would have spent over $175! Better yet, that’s $175 of Decor Steals pricing, most retailers sell these pieces for 30-50% more than Decor Steals so this is a TOTAL STEAL! Last but not least, I only had to pay $5 for shipping on this huge & heavy box full of farmhouse decor goodness. Decor Steals NEVER disappointed me in the past, but this year’s surprise box blows all the past boxes out of the water!

They have a FEW boxes left, like probably less than 10 so head here to snag yours before you miss out!

UPDATE: The surprise box is now sold out, but you can find the individual items from this review linked below!

farmhouse decor steals surprise box

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Without further ado, here is the reveal of what’s in the boooxxxxx!! (Anyone else get that reference?)


1. Red Truck Book Ends

If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you know I am obsessed with red trucks! It’s a staple in rustic farmhouse decor. The first item I pulled out of my surprise box was these red truck book ends!!! I squealed and jumped up and down from excitement. You can purchase these book ends here for $28.99 (you can find them for $55 HERE if it is sold out at DS) or you can buy the surprise box HERE for & get 4 other pieces of decor too!

2. Hanging Rustic Wall Sconce

I have wanted to buy 2 wall sconces to put on either side of the bed in our master bedroom, BUT I couldn’t decide because there were so many that I liked! (Story of my life lol). So Decor Steals helped me finally make that decision by including this in the surprise box. There is a wall mount included, obviously, that is not pictured in my photo, but is in the second! You can purchase this wall sconce here for $29.99 but it is almost out of stock! If you happen upon this post after it sells out, you can get it here from Joss & Main but it is more expensive, $38.99.

3. Large Metal Gender Bathroom Sign, set of 2

We have not done ANY decorating with our bathrooms in the year since we bought our home (oops). Eric & I were just discussing about redoing our master bathroom & these will be the first decor to go up! It’s sold out on Decor Steals (priced at $23.99) but you can get it here on Amazon.

4. Rustic “HOME” Embossed Metal Scrabble Tiles

I squealed when I pulled these out of the surprise box too, it’s a common occurrence for me to freak out of Decor Steals lol. These would be perfect for an entryway, living room, mud room, or gallery wall. I am going to use it on our gallery wall in our living room! I’ll post a picture on Instagram when I have them hung up! You can follow me on Instagram here to see! Decor Steals has a handful left that you can purchase here for $26.99.

5. Corrugated Metal Hanging Planters, set of 3

These planters are perfect & you could change it up effortlessly for every season! Fill them with wheat, cotton, & small pumpkins for Fall, eucalyptus & pine cones for Winter, and moss & faux peonies for Spring & Summer! Head here to snag a set for $44.99.


Overall, this box exceeded my expectations. The price did go up compared to the last two years, but as a result, Decor Steals filled it with much bigger & more valuable items! You really should grab one for yourself! You will get the same pieces I did!

Buy one of the last few surprise boxes here for $99.99

or buy each piece individually:

Red Truck Book Ends for $28.99 if it is sold out go HERE

Hanging Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce for $29.99 if it is sold out go HERE

Large Metal Gender Bathroom Signs for $39.95 (sold out with Decor Steals)

Rustic “HOME” Embossed Metal Scrabble Tiles for $26.99 (only have seen these available at Decor Steals)

Corrugated Metal Hanging Planters, set of 3 for $44.99 if it is sold out go HERE

 If want you wanted is sold out & you just can’t wait and have to order it now, then follow the links to the alternate sources I provided. Keep in mind that Decor Steals pricing tends to run 30-50% cheaper than other retailers. If you want to wait for Decor Steals pricing (not guaranteed to be restocked), follow my Daily Deals page so you’ll know when it (hopefully) comes back!

What is your favorite piece from the surprise box? Comment & let me know!

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