How to Hang a Gallery Wall Easily with No Mess

I always dread hanging things up on the wall and I’m sure you do too, unless you have a husband who will do it for you. Eric loves projects and is definitely a handy man, but I always feel guilty asking him to do anything extra when he comes home exhausted after a long day of work! So I decided to find a way that I could design & implement my gallery wall by myself since I don’t know how to work power tools. (Eric will teach me soon because I have way too many projects on my list to be this helpless!)

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 I knew that I couldn’t just start hanging stuff up without seeing what it looked like when arranged into a gallery. That would just be a waste of supplies and I want to hang & take pieces down from the wall as little as possible to minimize the possibility of chipping the paint. To avoid this and really see how everything would look arranged around each other, I decided to outline the different pieces I might use on paper. Then I grabbed some extra wrapping paper and got to work.

Full source list of decor & materials at the bottom!

How to hang a gallery wall step 1: Outline the pieces on plain paper

How to hang a gallery wall step 2: Cut out each piece

It’s difficult to see, but look closely at the picture above and you can see the outlines of different pieces. I cut them out as accurately as I could but wasn’t too worried about getting the exact shape. This whole process took me about 10 minutes.

These are all the pieces I ended up with. I didn’t use all of them, but the one’s that I didn’t use, I saved for later!

How to hang a gallery wall step 3: Arrange the pieces on the floor


Guest appearance from Cocoa! I didn’t even know he photobombed this until I went to edit all of these pictures! lol

Start to arrange the pieces on the floor before attempting to do it on the wall. After you find an arrangement that you think you like, place the decor pieces on their respective pieces of paper. This step is important because you need to make sure the placement of different materials, colors, sizes, etc. are cohesive. The following pictures show the evolution of my gallery wall arrangement.

Excuse the trash paper & the spot where I had to clean up puppy pee. Life of a dog mom, am I right? Just keeping it real over here.

Another guest appearance from Cocoa featuring my bright red slippers from Target.

How to hang a gallery wall step 4: Tape the pieces on the wall

Once you find an arrangement that you think you like, tape the paper outlines on the wall with painters tape. It’s VERY important that you use painters tape, because you will need to remove these pieces around to achieve equivalent spacing and/or move pieces as you desire. Regular tape WILL pull your wall paint off. If you don’t have painters tape, be sure to get some. You can order it here on Amazon or online at Home Depot for in store pickup at your local store.

P.S. Excuse the weird shadows on the wall. Those are from the ugly as crap, black mesh & glass light fixture that the last people installed in our house. So just ignore that because I took the picture at night and had no natural light to work with.

How to hang a gallery wall step 5: Hang the accent pieces on the wall

velcro command strips for a no mess gallery wall

I used these velcro Command Strips because they don’t require a hook & come in 3 different sizes that support 4-16 pounds. You can buy them almost anywhere, but I bought them at Target. The picture below shows how to use this type of Command Strip.

These worked for each piece I used with the exception of the wreath in the middle. I used this small wire hook with a clear back for the wreath. It supports half a pound, which is plenty for this small wreath. However, be sure you use a size that can support more weight if your wreath is larger.

How to hang a gallery wall step 6: Step back & enjoy your new gallery wall!

Here is the finished product! I severely overestimated the amount of wall space that I had above my couch! So I had to remove a few pieces to make it work. I really like how it turned out! I am thinking about adding 2 wall sconces on either side at the top & possibly 2 canvas wedding prints on either side of the shelf. I can’t decide on the wall sconces and I have linked a few below, please comment and tell me which one that you like best!

Full source & material list at the end of the blog post!

Gallery Wall decor accents & material sources:

Antique inspired wall scroll: Decor Steals

Embossed metal ‘HOME’ wall tiles: Decor Steals

Winter wreath: Decor Steals

Wood shelf with industrial brackets: Target

Wood candlestick: I got this at Goodwill but linked some similar ones below:

Amber jars: Goodwill! I linked a similar one here

Faux mint sprigs: Target

Sugar mold: Home Goods. Here’s the same one on Amazon

Decorative plinth block: Etsy

Vintage copper tea kettle: Goodwill again! Here’s a similar one 

Wood beads: Casa Beads. She doesn’t make these anymore, but I’ve gotten more from Amazon here

Painters tape: Amazon | Home Depot

Command strips: Target — Velcro | Small

Items featured in this post:

Life on Essexshire Signature

Want to see more pieces from Decor Steals? Checkout my blog post about their surprise box & the daily deal roundup page for daily updates on new steals & deals!

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