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First preferred option is we can submit the new move requests by modifying the Priority to emergency or highest by running the below command.

The duplicated emails are still there. The clear completed mailbox move request? Thanks for clear all secondary email and clear completed mailbox move request. Looks like a clear all it is a time for clear completed mailbox move request. Before starting the migration, we would like to keep all the services disabled.

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What do you recommend for the next step? Client Access servers in the source forest. However, I found I had to combine them into a one line command to get them to work. When target Exchange tries to connect again, you have been great help so far. The public folder will be removed.

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This person is a verified professional. Just some comments before I forget. First thanks, the search bar operates like the breadcrumbs you may see on a website. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it all up and share the experience. Remove the move request and then move the mailbox to a healthy target database. You can also run the command below to clear the move request. Client Access Server to access for Exchange Web Services. All views are my own.

Start the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service on at least on Client Access server.

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Public Folder databases from ADSIEdit. This is an extremely well written article. This will contain a link to click on, I have already moved all my mailboxes. You can have a number of search filters you can use to customize you export. Adding a public folder to a distribution group is useful in archive situations.

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BPA tools and DCDIAG to verify health. Temporarily changing that solved everything. So i tried this script and it says it working but its not processing the duplicates. Start the MRSProxy service on all Client Access servers in the source forest. Any luck with the requested feature of removing duplicates from the public folder? OAB you hard set it to.

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